The Old Man.

This is my Limerick poem about an old named Ken!!!

There was an old man name Ken
He spent all day caring for his hens
On day he retired
And got very tired
So he went out to hang with some men.

Thanks for reading!


For Homework, one of our boxes is Organization. At school, we needed all labelled, pencils, ruler, glue stick, pencil case, and more. At home, we had to make sure our homework space was tidy. We also had to imagine we ad to give advice to someone about being organised for school. This is my advice:

One top tip is to have things labelled because you don’t loose things like pencils.

Thanks for reading! What is your top tip for being organised? Tell me in the comments below!

My good choice

For Homework, we had to think of a good choice we have made. The good choice I have made was using my manners.  Now I am going to tell you how my choice made myself and others feel.


I said please and thank you to my dad today, because he bought me the ingredients to make an ice-cream sundae, he also bought my brother and I many other things.

I think it made my dad feel that he was truly loved by his daughter and son.

It made me feel that I was a grown up.

Thanks for reading my post, comment down below a good choice that you have made recently!!!

My learning in term 3.

This term has just started and we are already doing a lot of things, so I decided to make a blog post about my learning:

In maths we have been learning about Factors, factors are the numbers that make up the answer ( which is also called a product ) for example the Factors for 20 might be 1 and 20.


My goals:
Miss Brent gave us a goal sheet so we can write down our goals. We wrought down our Reading, Maths, personal and more.


Comment down below what your favourite part of school is!!!

What am I?

For Homework, we had to pick a 3D ( three dimensional ) shape and come up with some What Am I questions for it, here are my questions for my shape:

1. I have no corners.

2. I look like a candle.

3. I have 3 faces.

Can you guess what 3D shape I am? Comment down below!!!

My Inquiry slideshow

For Inquiry i’m studying Marine biology, and if you put in this link in your search you can see it.


After you’ve seen it, comment down below what you think!




Reading homework.

For Homework we had to read an information report, and I read about a person named Joel. The title of the information report was:

Joel’s career hits another high note.

Here are three facts about the information report:

  • Joel won the Dick Lack Scholarship Award , it provides young people to pursue the dreams.
  • Joel is 19.
  • Joel joined the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.



Cyber Safety

What are safety tips for being online?


In an email, if you see that there’s an attachment and the person who has sent it to you doesn’t mention it, do not download it because it could be someone tricking you into downloading a virus.



In a profile when putting in a location put in a big city, an example is Melborne. Its better to do this because a city is really big and people you’ve only have met online can’t meet you which is dangerous.



When making a blog or any site about you,  don’t put photos that should be kept private like school photos because they have the school logo and name on it.


Made by India.


What do you think about cyber safety, what are your tips?