What I did on the holidays!

As many of you know, term 4 has just started. Today I’m going to share with you what the most interesting thing that I have done over the holidays!

I think that the most interesting thing was going to my friends house. Me and my friend went to the netball courts and we also went to the playground. When we came back to her house we had some food and then we watched a movie. We watched Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Then we had to go home.


What did you do on the holidays?

Happy Blogging!

Dear Mother Earth.

Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to protect the land. I will plant trees, and protect the trees. There are lots of things we (the humans) can do to help you. We can recycle paper instead of cutting down trees, reduce the amount of plastic going into your oceans. We can walk to places that are a short distance away instead of using a car, that pollutes your skies. Turn off all of the electricity when we don’t need it, we promise to protect the land with all of our hearts.

I speak for you.

Yours truly,


How can you look after the earth? Tell me in the comments below!

My Favourite Book.

Favourite book.

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You might know this book because it’s so popular. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone is the first book in the series. The series follows the events of Harry Potter, a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He has to best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

When Harry comes to the school, he, among all the other people joining the school are sorted into 4 different houses. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. His main enemy is lord voldemort. Hagrid is very tall and has a long black beard. He helps Harry start as a wizard.

Where is the setting?

It is mainly set in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Who is the main charecter?

Harry Potter.

What house was Harry sorted into?

Grifindor. Along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

My favourite part is when Harry and Hagrid are in Diagon Alley.

A few questions:

What is your favourite book and why?

Have you read the Harry Potter series? If you have, do you like it?

Happy Blogging!


Excursion to the Botanic Gardens!

Welcome back to my blog!

Today, the 15th of August 2016, the year 3/4s went to the Botanic Gardens! We went there to develop further knowledge about life in Australia before european settlers came here. If you didn’t know, the people who lived here before the settlers are called Indigenous Australians. They are been here for more than 60,000 years! Now it is time for me to tell you about the magnificent day!

Our school bus left our school at 9am and it took about 30-45 minutes to get there. When we got there, we sat down on the beautiful green grass and we had morning tee. After this, we went to put our bags down and we went with a group and we went to do a bunch of different activities. Firstly our class joined up with another classed and we did something called a smoking ceremony. A smoking ceremony is for example, welcoming people from another tribe into your tribe.

We each got a piece of leaf and then we lit the fire. We went around in a circle and we put our leaves in the fire. After that, we went with one of the teachers and we were learning about weaving with string. Indigenous Australians weave baskets, traps (more information about that later), bags and more. We had a go at making our own piece of weaved string.

After that, we went to look at all of the different things that the Indigenous Australians used back then. A trap (I mentioned this before) is to catch long fishes (usually eals). The eels swim in the trap and they can’t turn back because they’re too big. When you are ready to cook it, you take it out and kill it, then you cook it and then, you eat it. Then we went to do this really fun thing and we got to paint!! But it was not any ordinary painting. We did not use fine brushes and thick acrylic paint, we used our fingers, and we grinded some rock and added water to make paint. We looked at what the different symbols are and we created our own piece of art.

Then we had lunch and went on a bus to go to federation square, our class met up with some people from The Koorie Heritage Trust. We walked along the yarra river and we learned about all of the bush that used to be there. One of the really interesting facts was that there used to be a waterfall in the yarra river and John Batman blew it up because his 10 year old son drowned because of the waterfall.

After that we went to this place and we got to touch real life possum skins! They were used as blankets when Indigenous Australians were the only ones on this land. Now, if someone touches a possum, they go to jail for 6 months or they get a really big fine. Did you know know that possum skins were wrapped up in a ball so indigenous kids could a game like footy or soccer?

After that we went back on the bus and went back to school. I was very tired but I enjoyed the day a lot!

A few questions:

What was your favourite part of the excursion and why?

What was one intresting fact that you learned?

Thank you for visiting my blog and remember to keep smiling!


The Digestive System.

The Digestive System Incursion.


Do you know what happens when you eat food? How does your food get from your mouth to your bum? I know the answers because on Monday the 9th of may, 3/4d went to an interesting incursion about the digestive system!!!


Sally from Monash University first told us about how pretty flowers get there nutrients.

A flower gets energy from the son and that’s how it grows. We don’t get out nutrients from the sun, we get it from the food that we eat.


Next we had some jelly babies!!! Sally said this was an experiment to test out our salivary glands. Our mouth started watering even before the food was in our mouths. That’s actually where digestion starts.


Then she told us about the oesophagus. The oesophagus is a muscular tube that is connected to the mouth and is also connected to the stomach. To push food down there is a process called peristalsis. It pushes food down by squishing it .  


Now we get to play a game!!! We used a stocking and a ping pong ball. We have to recreate the peristalsis motion by pushing the ping pong ball through the stocking so it goes through the oesophagus and into the stomach.


Next we did the experiment. We used the bread some water and we mooshed it up. It was like what our mouths would be doing with that piece of bread. Then we added some cocoa powder and some oats to make it like poop. Then we put it in a chick wipe and a plastic glass we drained out the nutrients and water. What was left was….. POOP!!!!!


Last of all, we touched an ox’s tongue, a pig’s stomach and a pig’s small intestine. It is really stinky and really muscly and heavy


The End.

By Indi


Welcome back!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blogging year of 2016, I will be sure to keep all of you updated about my learning here in 3/4! I hope you have a good year to come!


Happy Blogging!


Sovereign Hill.

On Friday the 23rd of October the 3/4s went to Sovereign Hill. It was really fun and it was an amazing experience.

I learned that in the 1850’s children weren’t allowed to eat lollies! HOW UNFAIR!!! I mean, I get it, adults have been out all day panning or mining for gold, they should be able to come in and have a treat, but still!!!

I also learned about people’s source of entertainment in the 1850’s, bowling alleys were very different in the 1850’s, it was manual, someone had to go to the back of the bowling alley to set the pins, and roll the ball back, you had to use two hands to roll the ball, and of course, it was heavy.

I also learned how to pan for gold, it’s pretty complicated, but if you do it properly, you just might find a tiny spec of gold, it is shiny, weighs as much as a small rock (because gold is heavy) and it so small you might not be able to see it on some surfaces, but if you look hard, you will find it.

My favourite memory was finally getting some gold, but I wouldn’t of got some without the help of my friends.

If I had a job in the 1850’s it would probably be….. a gold panner! It would be fun!
If you had a job in the 1850’s what would it be???
Tell me in the comments below!

Enjoy your day-

Getting Google Day!

On Getting Google Day, (Friday the 4th of September) the awesome 5/6s taught us (the amazing 3/4s) some really helpful skills that we could use for our ICT lessons. There were six workshops in total, and each student in the middle level were chosen to go to two workshops, I went to:
*Chrome Extensions 2 (more known as Awesome Extensions)

There were many other workshops which are:
*Chrome Extensions 1
*Google Keep
*Google sites

At the Sketchpad workshop, we learned skills on the app which we can use for Maths problems E.G groups of. You can also use it for just some fun when you have some free time at school or when you are at home and bored.

At the Awesome Extensions workshop, we learned about the extensions:
Google Dictionary
1-click timer
Recently closed tabs
Adblock for Youtube.

Google Dictonary is good because you don’t have to to go on on Google, then search up “dictionary” and then click on the website and then type the word in, and maybe in that amount of time, you can forget the word you don’t know the definition to, and then when you remember it again, you have to redo all those steps, wouldn’t that be annoying!!!

With 1-click timer, you don’t have to search up “Timer” and then insert your desired numbers and then just press start, you press the 1-click timer button, and drag the little arrow to your desired time E.G fifty-five minutes.
After your desired amount of time, it will alert you that your desired time E.G fifty-five minutes, it will alert that your time is up by playing a sound that you can choose.

On Recently Closed Tabs, you can click the button and it will show you your closed tabs, this is a very good extension because if you accidentally close a tab, you can get it back in a flash.

With Adblock for Youtube, it stops all those really frustrating adds, when you are waiting for a video to start, or in the middle of the video, it puts an end to all of that and the ads that are none of your beeswax!!!

So those are all of the workshops that I went to and all the information about them.

What do you think is the most helpful extension out of the ones that I told you about?

Make sure to comment down below your answer!