The Treasure Box book review!

Imagine your home is attacked it all burns everything is all gone what do you do?

The Treasure Box by Margret Wild and illustrated by Freya Blackwood  is a beautiful book about Peter and his treasure in a small iron box, it is rarer then rubies, more splendid then silver greater then gold.

The city is attacked! An enemy bombed the library and only one book survived the one Peter’s dad borrowed, the one about their people and who they were.

My favourite part of the Treasure Box is when Peter and the little girl are digging up the iron box! The little girl says ‘oh it’s just a book’ and then Peter describes the book as rarer then rubies more, splendid then silver greater then gold

I recommend this book to any one who loves a touching but happy book, this is the right book for you. The illustrations are amazing and the story is beautiful.