What I did on the holidays!

As many of you know, term 4 has just started. Today I’m going to share with you what the most interesting thing that I have done over the holidays!

I think that the most interesting thing was going to my friends house. Me and my friend went to the netball courts and we also went to the playground. When we came back to her house we had some food and then we watched a movie. We watched Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Then we had to go home.


What did you do on the holidays?

Happy Blogging!

Dear Mother Earth.

Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to protect the land. I will plant trees, and protect the trees. There are lots of things we (the humans) can do to help you. We can recycle paper instead of cutting down trees, reduce the amount of plastic going into your oceans. We can walk to places that are a short distance away instead of using a car, that pollutes your skies. Turn off all of the electricity when we don’t need it, we promise to protect the land with all of our hearts.

I speak for you.

Yours truly,


How can you look after the earth? Tell me in the comments below!