The Digestive System.

The Digestive System Incursion.


Do you know what happens when you eat food? How does your food get from your mouth to your bum? I know the answers because on Monday the 9th of may, 3/4d went to an interesting incursion about the digestive system!!!


Sally from Monash University first told us about how pretty flowers get there nutrients.

A flower gets energy from the son and that’s how it grows. We don’t get out nutrients from the sun, we get it from the food that we eat.


Next we had some jelly babies!!! Sally said this was an experiment to test out our salivary glands. Our mouth started watering even before the food was in our mouths. That’s actually where digestion starts.


Then she told us about the oesophagus. The oesophagus is a muscular tube that is connected to the mouth and is also connected to the stomach. To push food down there is a process called peristalsis. It pushes food down by squishing it .  


Now we get to play a game!!! We used a stocking and a ping pong ball. We have to recreate the peristalsis motion by pushing the ping pong ball through the stocking so it goes through the oesophagus and into the stomach.


Next we did the experiment. We used the bread some water and we mooshed it up. It was like what our mouths would be doing with that piece of bread. Then we added some cocoa powder and some oats to make it like poop. Then we put it in a chick wipe and a plastic glass we drained out the nutrients and water. What was left was….. POOP!!!!!


Last of all, we touched an ox’s tongue, a pig’s stomach and a pig’s small intestine. It is really stinky and really muscly and heavy


The End.

By Indi