Sovereign Hill.

On Friday the 23rd of October the 3/4s went to Sovereign Hill. It was really fun and it was an amazing experience.

I learned that in the 1850’s children weren’t allowed to eat lollies! HOW UNFAIR!!! I mean, I get it, adults have been out all day panning or mining for gold, they should be able to come in and have a treat, but still!!!

I also learned about people’s source of entertainment in the 1850’s, bowling alleys were very different in the 1850’s, it was manual, someone had to go to the back of the bowling alley to set the pins, and roll the ball back, you had to use two hands to roll the ball, and of course, it was heavy.

I also learned how to pan for gold, it’s pretty complicated, but if you do it properly, you just might find a tiny spec of gold, it is shiny, weighs as much as a small rock (because gold is heavy) and it so small you might not be able to see it on some surfaces, but if you look hard, you will find it.

My favourite memory was finally getting some gold, but I wouldn’t of got some without the help of my friends.

If I had a job in the 1850’s it would probably be….. a gold panner! It would be fun!
If you had a job in the 1850’s what would it be???
Tell me in the comments below!

Enjoy your day-

Getting Google Day!

On Getting Google Day, (Friday the 4th of September) the awesome 5/6s taught us (the amazing 3/4s) some really helpful skills that we could use for our ICT lessons. There were six workshops in total, and each student in the middle level were chosen to go to two workshops, I went to:
*Chrome Extensions 2 (more known as Awesome Extensions)

There were many other workshops which are:
*Chrome Extensions 1
*Google Keep
*Google sites

At the Sketchpad workshop, we learned skills on the app which we can use for Maths problems E.G groups of. You can also use it for just some fun when you have some free time at school or when you are at home and bored.

At the Awesome Extensions workshop, we learned about the extensions:
Google Dictionary
1-click timer
Recently closed tabs
Adblock for Youtube.

Google Dictonary is good because you don’t have to to go on on Google, then search up “dictionary” and then click on the website and then type the word in, and maybe in that amount of time, you can forget the word you don’t know the definition to, and then when you remember it again, you have to redo all those steps, wouldn’t that be annoying!!!

With 1-click timer, you don’t have to search up “Timer” and then insert your desired numbers and then just press start, you press the 1-click timer button, and drag the little arrow to your desired time E.G fifty-five minutes.
After your desired amount of time, it will alert you that your desired time E.G fifty-five minutes, it will alert that your time is up by playing a sound that you can choose.

On Recently Closed Tabs, you can click the button and it will show you your closed tabs, this is a very good extension because if you accidentally close a tab, you can get it back in a flash.

With Adblock for Youtube, it stops all those really frustrating adds, when you are waiting for a video to start, or in the middle of the video, it puts an end to all of that and the ads that are none of your beeswax!!!

So those are all of the workshops that I went to and all the information about them.

What do you think is the most helpful extension out of the ones that I told you about?

Make sure to comment down below your answer!


The Old Man.

This is my Limerick poem about an old named Ken!!!

There was an old man name Ken
He spent all day caring for his hens
On day he retired
And got very tired
So he went out to hang with some men.

Thanks for reading!


For Homework, one of our boxes is Organization. At school, we needed all labelled, pencils, ruler, glue stick, pencil case, and more. At home, we had to make sure our homework space was tidy. We also had to imagine we ad to give advice to someone about being organised for school. This is my advice:

One top tip is to have things labelled because you don’t loose things like pencils.

Thanks for reading! What is your top tip for being organised? Tell me in the comments below!