How to make a castle out of a cardboard shoebox

How to turn a boring cardboard shoe box into a fantasy dream castle!

You will need:

Paint, play dough, cardboard, sticky tape, scissors, clay, glue and PVA glue

  1. Get all your tools and matarials and cut the lid of the box off. This will be used later.
  2. Paint the floor to be the carpet this can be any colour you want.
  3. Paint the sides any colour you want then paint it black keep the pattern going.
  4. If there is a bit of still there, paint or glue it with paper.
  5. Once the cardboard is filled start working on the outside.
  6. Get normal white paper and make natural things from God’s world such as flowers, vines and trees. You have to paint or draw it. With the lid make household things such as beds, bookshelfs, and torches.
  7. Make small models of people in your life and add an  item next to them.
  8. If you are me, make redskins grave, make the sign of the cross with paper and glue it anywhere.



Well done!

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